Contributory Consumption

A business model that allows businesses and customers to operate sustainably

What is Contributory Consumption:

“Contributory Consumption” is the starting point of consumerism that leads to a “Circle of Kindness”. In its overall consumption system, every transaction of products and services can contribute to a better world.

Contributory consumption initiates a systematic solution to bring prosperity to the world for the common good by changing daily consumption habits.

Phased implementation

No harm to ecology/environment :

T2C ensures that all products and services on the platform are healthy, natural, and environmentally friendly, with minimal harm to ecology and the environment.

Popularization of prices :

T2C has designed a simple and convenient platform for customers, allowing customers to buy the best quality products at the most reasonable and affordable prices available.

Institutional Charity to Social Groups:

T2C will allocate a portion of the company’s total profits to improve the community through charities and help those in need.

T2C is currently focusing on institutions that help the elderly and will invest more in philanthropy in the future.

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