We Are T2C - Technology To Community

Our business priorities; Technology, Trust, and Community.

Business Model

T2C promotes the O2O business model to develop more O2O physical opportunities while promoting collaborative entrepreneurial partnerships and projects.


Create an ecosystem of symbiosis, common good, and goodwill.

We are developing a digital economy platform for green industries by practicing the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) guidelines.

Business Model

T2C implements a two-way model that combines online products with offline services. This can maximize product exposure that allows local companies to create and operate sustainably.

Core Value

Just like how water fuels the life of all things, we believe that “we” is more important than “me”.

T2C will introduce the new O2O business model to SME’s, establishing a borderless network of SME’s that can carry this model across regions and countries. This will help more local companies tap into a global network.


To inspire a “less is more” lifestyle through a collaborative community platform that connects, learns, and shares.

T2C will connect different enterprises to develop cross-industry collaborative business models and break the barrier of success together, unleashing limitless potential.

The Contributory Consumption

We emphasise the value of green products 【Healthy, Natural, Eco-Friendly】to encourage consumers to purchase products that are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable at affordable prices.

Business Philosophy: Be Like Water

Water is a nurturing source that can be formless and life-giving. As a business, we treat our business partners like water and help to encourage others to be more resilient, helpful, and confident.

Origins of T2C

With the vision of wanting to make the world a better place, the three founders of T2C decided to build an e-platform that spreads goodness through essential products like food, clothing, housing and transportation to influence a change in our everyday lifestyle. The wake of the pandemic and its aftermath has affirmed the three founders of T2C in their belief to help enterprises systematize and digitally transform, promoting a socially and environmentally sustainable community.

T2C uses the O2O business model to pass on the lives and stories of local artisans. T2C will also expand this business model to more locations and countries to create a sustainable business network.

What T2C wants to build is a platform that makes consumption full of meaning and value. Therefore, the idea of ‘Contributory Consumption’ was launched to allow consumers to make a positive impact through their daily purchasing decisions. T2C also advocates the human responsibility to protect the earth through Contributory Consumption by emphasising the value of green products, so that more people can enjoy high-quality products at much more lower prices.

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