Technology 2 Community (T2C)

Developing a new Online & Offline (O2O) business model. Achieving a sustainable business through a symbiotic, common good and goodwill ecosystem.

The “We” is more important than the “I”

A Digital Economy Platform For Developing Eco-Friendly Businesses

Utilizing the O2O business model, we help drive the digital transformation of small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) towards a smart business model.


Create symbiosis, common good, and a goodwill ecosystem

Business Policy

Through the Contributory Consumption Model, our company encourages a cycle of goodwill in our Online & Offline (O2O) business practices.

Core Values

Just as water fuels all living things, the needs of the many are more important than the individual.


By creating a collaborative platform that allows merchants to learn and share with each other, we want to encourage a "Less Is More" lifestyle.

The Purpose Of Sustainable Business

T2C is building social enterprises through contributory consumption, promoting the value of eco-friendly products at affordable prices.

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